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Vision Quest

Electional astrology isn't just for businesses, marriages, diets, or for solving problems. Electional astrology can also be used for the start of a spiritual journey or whenever one needs insight from a higher realm.


In 1991, I had the opportunity to go on a vision quest with a Cherokee Medicine Woman, Diana Soaring Hawk. The vision quest took place on the beach in the back[pack area of Assateague Island National Seashore in Maryland. At the time, I was negotiating with my husband on a separation agreement. I knew my life was about to change, but beyond that I wanted to remember what I had forgotten from past incarnations, and begin to see my life and existence in a more meaningful way.

Electional Astrology Indications


The chart has to say what you want to happen. It looks like the Moon's aspects will end with a trine to Jupiter (beliefs and knowledge) and then a trine to the Sun (success through an important individual), however, Mercury is set to retrograde back into Leo and become the Moon's final aspect. Mercury is exalted and in rulership in Virgo. It is a smart Mercury and indicates hidden intelligence as it is in the 12th house. Since my intent with this vision quest is to remember important teachings from past incarnations, Mercury's surprise re-entry back into Leo fits my purposes perfectly. Important, high-level information and insight returns to accessibly.

Note the Moon's aspects. First off, the Moon makes a square to Mars. Hiking into the backpack area of the island over two miles of beach sand was very difficult. There was an access road, but we were not allowed to use it. One of the requirements for our stay of several days was 5 gallons of water weigh over 40 pounds. There was a port-a-potty where we stayed, but no water other than the ocean. In addition, Diana had brought her Native American ceremonial supplies for the vision quest including building materials for a sweat lodge. We made several trips to get everything on site.

I do not handle tobacco well, but it was essential part of the ceremony that I smoke the peace pipe at the beginning of the vision quest. This led immediately to dizziness and vomiting. While still having  dry heaves several hours later, the park ranger came by and informed us that we needed to evacuate the island immediately as a hurricane was bearing down on the island. This was a fast moving hurricane that came out of the blue, however, it was highly significant since the hurricane and my soon to be ex had the same name. We decided to bury much of our equipment on the beach including that water. We stuck a tent pole in the ground indicating where we left everything.

We got a hotel room 50 miles inland. The room have a steam bath so the sweat lodge was taken care of. We did not need all the equipment after all. The next day we returned to the island. The hurricane had not hit the island at all, but traveled due north. Basically, it was a false alarm. We returned to the beach, unearthed our tents, water, and equipment to continue the visions quest.

At that point, everything ran smoothly and I am unable to put into words much of what I learned. In regard to the separation agreement, I knew I would not have to move out of my house. In regard to my effect on the world, I knew that my very existence lead to the limited or nonexistence of other creatures. This was heart breaking to realized and I cried for days even after returning home. The recovered knowledge from past incarnations in beat not spoken off, but this was a significant experience in my life.

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