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Electional Astrology to sell a home

Electional Astrology Chart to Sell a Home Quickly


This actually worked! My clients wanted to sell their house, but then rent it back for a year so they could build their new home. This is an unusual request that needed some extra work beyond the normal home-selling election.  


The seller is ruled by the Sun exalted in Aries. The seller is making a strong showing in the chart and might be able to set the terms for sale. The buyer is ruled by the 7th house, Uranus, Jupiter, and Saturn, the ruler of the 7th house cusp. Saturn is in detriment in Aries and weakened by being combust the Sun. Because the seller is so strong in the chart, while the buyer is so weak, the buyer will need to bend to the sellers' wishes in regard to the contract and terms. 


The 4th house representing the home is ruled by Venus which is conjunct the sellers' Sun and separated from the buyer's ruler Saturn by the Sun in between. The Sun-Venus conjunction shows that the seller still has an interest in the home and is keeping a string attached.   


Twenty-three Libra on the 4th house cusp is a benefic star, Spica, indicating luck in this matter. The sign on the first house Leo is the same as the sign on the 2nd house indicating that the present extends into the future.   


The Moon is last over Uranus meaning that matters should move quickly, but then the Moon will sextile Saturn which will tend to slow things down. After sextiling Saturn, the Moon will go on to sextile the Sun, sextile Venus, and finally conjunct Jupiter is the 7th house of the buyer. Those people ruled by Jupiter, and especially when Jupiter is in the 7th house, tend to meet you more than half way in any agreement. 

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