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Electional Astrology Publishing Chart

Electional Astrology Chart to Publish a Book


My client was under contract to write a 300 page romance novel. The problem was that she had actually written a 400 page book. She did not want her book cut down or edited to the required size and asked for a time to submit the manuscript. So the goal in this chart is to make the book so good as to prevent cutting and to have the editor have a favorable response to the enlarged novel. 


Leo Moon shows someone in authority in the 7th house of others trine to Venus and Jupiter in the 3rd house of books and also trine to Uranus and Saturn, ruler of the Ascendant, creating a Grand Trine in fire. This shows that the editor will like the manuscript.  


Venus, rules the publisher, but is in the 3rd house of the book and has crossed over to the other side, or the author's way of thinking. The editor is doing something she should not be doing since Venus is in detriment. She is accepting a book that is a hundred pages over the contracted size.Jupiter is in the 3rd house of books showing the expanded novel. Jupiter is happy in a fire sign but in the 3rd house, a house of detriment, indicates that something is out of line.  


Sun and Mercury in the 4th house show that things end well and since Mercury is in a fixed sign, the book was not cut. Mars is in the 6th house, out of the creative 5th so the work would not be cut.  


RESULT: When the manuscript arrived on the editor's desk, a letter also arrived from another author saying she could not meet her 400 page book deadline. My client's book fit perfectly into the vacant slot.

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