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Electional Astrology wallpaper chart

Electional Astrology Used to Reorder Wallpaper


ELECTION PRINCIPLES - The 10th house in an electional chart is often referred to as "the success tenth." This might apply to any type of electional chart you might choose as the purpose of electing a specific time is to be successful in an endeavor.  


Retrograde Mercury, Venus, and Mars represent changing circumstances that may be reversed. For example,  Mercury retrograde can rule anything that begins with an "R" including reply, return, replace,redo, renovate, and repair. Using retrograde planets in an electional chart can be advantageous, especially when you wish to successfully repeat a task you failed at the first time around.



I temporarily relocated to New Jersey and bought a "fixer-upper." I redid the kitchen among other things. I wallpapered an accent wall and the area between the cupboard and counters to cover horrible dated Formica. I ran out of wallpaper. I reordered twice. I reordered twice more with samples. Nothing matched.


My electional task is to successfully reorder wallpaper.

This is what the chart has to say and this is how the chart says what I want to happen: 

  • Success = 10th

  • Reorder = Retrograde

  • Wallpaper = Venus

  • Activity = Moon applying to a conjunction to Venus

I waited three more months until Venus went retrograde and successfully reordered matching wallpaper even though it was a different dye lot by putting Venus retrograde in the 10th house of success with the Moon applying to a conjunction to retrograde Venus as a final aspect.

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