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​​Example of Co-creative Manifestation

To help you understand the potential of a co-creative partnership and manifestation process, let me give you an example from my own experience.

Lesson 1 - Sacred Heart Contracts Video

This video course features my collaboration with Lucky Sweeny, my desire coach. She said, "You can desire a diamond tiara and have it be a spiritual experience." I was sure she was wrong, but I found out she was right.

Lesson 2 - The Co-Creative Partner Video

The purpose of this video is to sensitize the viewer to co-creative communication. There are many ways to connect and establish understanding and trust.

Lesson 3 - Co-Creative Communication Video

In this video, Lucky and I speak about the different experiences that can occur in communication with your co-creative Partner and now to assess and interpret those experiences.

Lesson 4 - Troubleshoot Manifestation Video

The process of manifestation through attraction is an art involving skillful navigation of the gentle midwife. Issues might arise with communication, trust, desire, openness, or focus.

Heart Journey

Heart Journey is a mystical path of spiritual initiation for the lay individual who wishes to live life with ease and support, doing meaningful work he or she loves, with those cared about.

​12 Co-Creative Thought Transformations

Attracting and receiving abundance in all of its forms involves an open heart. These are the principles that lead to an open heart. There are clear psychological reasons for spiritual advancement.

8 Stages of Heart Openness

Heart openness is a moment-to-moment process that can change with any situation or challenge. The goal is to understand whether you are on the scale of openness and set your expectations higher.

Transmutation of Anger Board

The energy from anger can be transformed into insight and corrective action. This page explores the possibility of getting beyond hostility, blame, guilt, and martyrdom into problem-solving empowerment.

Descent into Fear

Although fear might appear to arise quickly, it is actually a step-by-step process. You can stop the descent into fear at any step, or you can continue to sink from the high of emotional optimism to physical chaos.



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