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Mysticism and 12 Co-creative Thought Transformations

Though Heart Journey is a lesson in the process of co-creative manifestation through attraction and openness, it is also a mystical path leading to spiritual maturity. Twelve co-creative thought transformations are given to shift thinking step-by-step into higher consciousness which will also increase your ability to attract and manifest. For example, the first lower thought pattern is the "Do-it-Yourself Fantasy." It is transformed into the spiritual awareness of "Learning to Attract, Opening to Receive." The ability to attract and receive is a power associated with, and residing in, an open and loving heart. The more you open your heart, the more abundant your life can become.

Heart Journey mysticism
Heart Journey mysticism
Heart Journey Mysticism and Silence
Heart Journey and Wholeness
Heart Journey andCompassion
Heart Journey and Forgiveness
Heart Journey and Multidimentional Perception
Heart Journey and learning to honor
Heart Journey and faith.
Heart Journey Mental Openness
Heart Journey and the Ego Armada
Heart Journey and the No-Self
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