Introduction to Solar Returns


A solar returns chart is a chart erected for the moment the transiting Sun returns to the natal position of the Sun (degree, minute, and second). The date and time of this conjunction, calculated down to the exact second of arc is the time of the solar return chart. The solar return chart is then erected for that date, time, and location. The Sun's return might occur on your birthday or a day before or after. In leap years, it can occur two days before. The time of the Sun's return is not your birth time on your birthday and involves a computer calculation to be precise.


The solar returns chart is very simple to interpret and it is probably the easiest predictive technique to use. The most important thing to remember about the interpretation of the solar return chart is that it can be treated like a temporary natal. If you can interpret a natal chart, then you can interpret a solar return. Anything that you use in a natal chart, such as asteroids, can be used in a solar return.

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