Planets in Solar Returns cover

Planets in Solar Returns:

Yearly Cycles of Transformation & Growth - 3rd Edition

Here is everything you want to know about Solar Returns! The information is based on the author’s experience interpreting hundreds of solar return charts for clients. Included is an explanation of the significance of interceptions, retrogradation, aspects, hemispheric or quadrant emphasis, and the preponderance or lack of an element or quality. An interpretation of each planet in every house of the solar return is given as this is the most important factor in Mary Fortier Shea’s experience. Mary also gives a guide to “timing” in the solar return in coordination with transits, secondary progressions, and solar arcs. Interpretations with both single solar return chart wheels and double chart wheels with the natal are demonstrated.

Through this book, Mary Fortier Shea concentrates on a complete description of possibilities. Her examples range from spiritual transitions, starting a new business, love affairs, marriage, issues involving children and parents, health, education, writing and publishing books, relocation, income changes, career transitions, and much more. She covers both positive and negative possibilities for the different Solar Return placements and configurations she discusses.

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