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​​The angular houses have to do with relationships, how we personally relate to our parents, superiors, partners and family members. This is where we tend to develop personal, interpersonal, and professional skills. After moving from cadent houses into angular houses, one can utilize the knowledge gained, and manifest in a positive and productive manner. Past training and study can lead to recognition.

4th - If you are in an angular cycle, the 4th house ushers in a cycle of new beginnings. This is where you put down new roots and discover new sense of purpose. You dedicate your life to the next step. Professional success related to the endeavors of this “planting” will most likely occur when the Sun moves to the 10th house.


1st - The Sun usually moves on to the 1st house next. Personal development and achievement will be the focus. You get to hone your skills regarding what you started and planted when the Sun was in the 4th house.


10th - Success in the 1st house might lead to career achievement and success as the Sun moves on to the 10th in the third year of this cycle. The choices you made and the projects you began in the 4th house are now reaching fulfillment in the 10th house.

7th - This is a time of personal relationships and also business partnerships and associations. You have gone through a time of redefinition and building. Make sure the important people you love are also in your plan.

Solar Returns 4th house Sun
Solar Returns 1st house
Solar Returns 10th house
Solar Returns 7th house
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