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Lectures, Workshops, & Videos

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Video Lectures and Workshops:

  • AVAILABLE NOW - Electional Astrology Course that I created for the - check out the syllabus of all the information I present. I demonstrate numerous chart examples and answer student questions.

  • AVAILABLE NOW - Introduction to Electional Astrology Video - $12 to rent (72 hrs) or $22 to own

English Audio with English subtitles - Watch the trailer now on Vimeo

English Audio without subtitles - Watch the trailer now on Vimeo

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Introduction to Heart Journey
- A How-to Manual for Co-creative Manifestation - What starts as a simple request can lead you into a mystical relationship. This free 16-minute introduces you to the process.

Sacred Heart Contracts - Lucky Sweeny and I walk you through the basics of determining what you want to create in your life and then compose a Sacred Heart Contract or request.

The Co-creative Partner - This video in an introduction to the Co-creative Partner in the process of attracting and manifesting what you want in your life.

Co-creative Communication - Want is communication with your co-creative Partner like. What is it not like. Clear distinctions exist. Learn to recognize the difference.

Troubleshooting Manifestation - A practical guide for determining what might be the problem when manifestation is not happening and what it means.

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