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Natal Astrology Readings with Solar Return

A natal reading provides an in-depth look at the birth chart and the immediate future. Interpretation is both spiritual and psychological.

Yearly Solar Returns Astrology Readings

The yearly solar return reading focuses on your current year, it's challenges, and opportunities through different astrological techniques.

Customized Astrology Consultation

This consultation can be anything you need it to be and does not need to fit into a particular format. Clients can choose this option to suit their goals.

Solar Returns Relocation

Some clients prefer to travel to a specific location to adjust the orientation and meaning of the solar return. My research has shown that the strongest solar return is the vacation solar return.

Electional Astrology Chart

An electional chart tells you the most propitious time to initiate your project. An electional astrologer can choose the best day and the best time.

Email Solar Returns Report

What are the themes, opportunities, and challenges you might experience in the coming year? A twenty-thirty page solar return report can give you insight.

Email Transit Astrology Report

Transit Reports indicate the timing of events, opportunities, challenges, and stress. The length and cost of the report depends on the detail you need.

Solar Returns

A solar return chart is a chart erected for the time that the transiting Sun returns to the position of the natal Sun degree, minute and second.

​​Electional Astrology

The most important thing to remember when you are choosing the best time to initiate an endeavor is that the chart has to say what you want to happen.

Astrology Publications

Mary is the author of the solar return classic, "Planets in Solar Returns," now in its 3rd edition. She also wrote "Solar Returns: A Study" and "Making Choices with the Outer Planets: Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto."

Astrological Stars of David

A Star of David is a geometric configuration that appears in the sky when the planets, Sun, and Moon form two interlocking triangles or Grand Trines. It has become a symbol of "as above, so below."

Astrology Videos

Mary has created several videos on Solar Returns. Presently, they are available for viewing free on You can also purchase copies of the videos.

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