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Introduction to the Astrology of the  Stars of David


Before you read about the Stars of David presented on these homepages, first let me define what a Star of David is and what type of Stars I have studied. There is some confusion in this matter. Though it is true that there is essentially only one geometric formation called the Star of David, what goes into the star or forms the star, whether planets, asteroids, or any other astrological points has a great effect on the interpretations for that Star of David, the impact it will have, and who or what will be impacted. There are many different combinations.


What is a Star of David?

My focus is limited to a Star of David formed by the visible planets and lights. An astrological Star of David is a geometric configuration that appears in the sky when the Sun, Moon, and planets form two interlocking triangles. When a Star of David occurs, you cannot see the Star in the night sky because the 6 points surround the earth 360 degrees around. This means that half of the planets are below the horizon. Also, some of the planets in our solar system are not visible with the naked eye.


My awareness of their appearance and their interpretations are fairly recent. When a Star of David appears in the sky, I study how its interpretation might relate to significant events here on earth. I catalogue events and geopolitical shifts occurring around the time of the Star's appearance, along with shifts in consciousness. The Star of David is a symbol of "as above, so below," and the process of both evolution and involution as it relates to spirituality. The Star of David is not just associated with Judaism. It is also present in Christianity, Theosophism, and Buddhism.

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