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Astrology chart 2002 War Star

The Astrology of the 2002 Star of David


The 2002 Star of David followed the 2001 Star and was another War Star. Here the Sun was squared closely by Uranus and widely by Jupiter. Within a few months, the USA invaded Iraq in search of weapons of mass destruction. Uranus squared Mercury and the truth was surprising, there were no weapons of mass destruction. This war was initiated on a false premise. Venus was retrograde in the chart for the first time and in detriment in Scorpio. Was this war really about resources? Oil? Were the military expenditures cost effective, making the world safer?


  • Fraud and corruption came to light. The soldiers did not have the equipment they needed, whether adequate bullet proof vests or bomb resistant vehicles.

  • Prisoners were abused and many civilians died.

  • Iraq’s treasures were sacked.

The last few Stars indicated the redistribution of wealth specifically in regard to corporate spending and accounting fraud. Here we go global. Sending billions of dollars to a Middle Eastern country was certainly a redistribution of wealth, even if the expenditure was to rebuild a country destroyed with a “shock and awe” campaign. Meanwhile the U.S. deficit soared. Violence, (Mars), in the heat of emotion, (opposing the Moon), came with a price. Responses were not measured. This was a self-interest Star with the Moon in Aries trine to Jupiter in Leo (big ego) and Pluto (power) in Sagittarius.

I do not believe in war and I do not believe that we are fated, but it gives this astrologer pause to see three War Stars in the sky and three wars quickly following. Maybe we can learn not to do this in the future.

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