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1990 War Star of David Astrology Chartresonate.png

The Astrology of the 1990 War Star of David


This is the first transiting Star of David that I was aware of. I think that each of the Stars of David that appears in the sky tell us something about the human experience and spiritual journey as it is occurring on the planet, both individually and collectively. Here is what happened at the time of this Star:

  • On August 2, 1990, Iraq invaded Kuwait and many countries rallied together, considering the invasion an injustice. The Gulf War began. The 1990 Star was a War Star as noted by the Mars in Taurus in detriment tightly square to the Sun in Leo. Both are part of a T-square with Pluto in Scorpio.

  • This Star of David was an earth-water Star. Earth signs are related to material resources and water is related to cleansing. Iraq invaded Kuwait over an oil dispute.

  • Earth and water create mud, but the mixture can be dried to create bricks, a building material. The Berlin Wall came down during this time and the reunification of East and West Germany occurred on October 3, 1990.

  • The Soviet Union was collapsing

  • Civil war broke out in Yugoslavia

  • The marriage of Princess Diana and Prince Charles was failing.

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