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2013 Star of David Astrology chart
August 2013 twin Star Astrology chart

The Astrology of the 2013 July & August Twin Stars of David


The Sun is at the apex of a tight T-square in this chart. It is difficult to say whether this is a war star or not. Saturn is a malefic squaring the Sun, but the Moon is certainly not a malefic planet. I would tend to think a “middle of the road” interpretation would be best. With the threat from Iran’s nuclear program and terrorist groups around the world, I would call this a silent, unseen war. Saturn is in secrecy Scorpio. The Moon is exalted in Taurus which indicates without blame. The Sun is in Leo rulership and this is a strong Sun with rights. I believe any action is covert. Violence is still seen in the chart. Unlawful activities are prominent with Pluto opposed to Mars in fall in Cancer and square to Uranus in Aries. Individual, random attacks by fanatics and rebels without a cause are likely. These will be difficult to predict and hard to prevent.

—The August Star of David is short lived as there are two more Stars in 2014. Because the July Star is so close to the August Star, many of the themes and issues are the same.

  • The Boston Marathon is bombed. (Mars in Cancer fall square Uranus)

  • Drones are used for remote attacks.

  • Edward Snowdon leaks NSA classified documents. (Mercury square Uranus)

  • More regulations are placed on banks and wall street as Jupiter in exaltation in Cancer (wealth) is trine to Saturn in Scorpio (control), opposed by Pluto in Capricorn (government), and square to Uranus.

  • Jupiter exalted in Cancer (wealth) is sextile to Venus in fall (poverty) and sextile to the Moon in exaltation (the masses). The economy might be doing well, but many are still struggling with Venus in Virgo and opposed by Neptune. This particular aspect has been difficult in past Stars of David.

  • With Saturn opposing the Moon, the housing market will still be an issue. This is confirmed by the fact that Mars is in fall in the sign of Cancer.

  • The issue of healthcare is mixed. There are three planets in Cancer. Jupiter in exaltation means doing the right thing, however, Mars in fall in Cancer has no rights and indicates the possibility of doing the right thing in the wrong way. Mercury on the other hand has no standing. The Affordable Care Act is still under assault.

  • There is a greater emphasis on relationships with Venus moving from Virgo fall into Libra rulership. Libra focuses on economic equality issues and civil rights including same-sex marriage rights and racial injustice.

  • Power shifts to small businesses, inventors, writers, and entrepreneurs with greater internet access to customers and shared information. (Mercury in Virgo and Jupiter in Cancer)

  • ———Alternative currency, bitcoins, bartering, kick starter become popular (Venus in rulership Libra opposing alternative Uranus, and square Pluto in Capricorn, and Jupiter in exaltation in Cancer)

  • —Water rights issues with Jupiter and Mars in Cancer

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