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Natal Astrology Chart with a Star of David


I often receive email asking, "Is there a Star of David in my natal chart? There are different points and asteroids that you can add to your chart to form a Star of David in your natal chart. The more you add, the more likely you are to find a Star of David. I tend to stay with the Sun, Moon, and planets in my discussion and interpretation of the Star of David, even with natal charts. If you scan my listing of Star dates since 1990, and you see your birthday, you have a Star of David in your natal chart.

The second most common question I get is, "How do you interpret the Star of David in a natal chart?  There is no simple answer. This requires a full natal interpretation, but I will say this about all natal chart interpretation. The two lights and eight planets are like ten board members who gather for a company meeting to make decisions. Each person has an agenda. Some members are in agreement and form a power block. These members are most likely trine or in the two Grand Trines of the Star of David. There are also members who are not in agreement and they may be represented by squares. These members may or may not be outside of a power structure as they may or may not form a configuration of their own, such as a T-square or Grand Cross.  Regardless, they still have an agenda they bring to the table and they still have a voice that could drive others to reconsider their position or improve their response. If there is a Star of David in the chart, you will also have at least three oppositions and they indicate the need to balance the polarities.

The Star of David in a natal chart indicates that here is a personality that must move as a unit, like members tied together in a three-legged race. There is a need for consensus, compromise, or alternation of leadership in order to move any agenda forward.

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