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2014 May Astrology Star of David Chart
Astrology chart for 2014 twin Star of David

The Astrology of the 2014 May & June Twin Stars of David


There were twin Stars in 2013 and there are twin Stars in 2014. Sometimes the orbs are a little wide with twin Stars, but it is the events that relate to the placements that are significant.


  • In both of these Stars, Saturn is in Scorpio and retrograde. This is also true for the 2013 twin Stars. It is during this time that we learn that NSA has been collecting information on ordinary American citizens. NSA has also been monitoring the calls of foreign rulers and dignitaries. Hidden surveillance becomes an issue.

  • —If you see something, say something is a common slogan after the Boston marathon bombing.

  • —The Affordable Care Act becomes more popular as it takes effect and survives court challenges. There are new and effective treatments for cancer and obesity. (Jupiter in exaltation in Cancer).

  • Women's reproductive rights and access to contraception were under assault. The Supreme Court decided entities could refuse to include contraception in their healthcare insurance policies on the grounds of religious freedom.

  • Immigration issues, asylum seekers, and DACA expansion

  • —Global warming is an important issue as sea levels rise. (Jupiter in Cancer square Uranus and Mars) The Paris Climate agreement is written and adopted in 2015.

  • —Medical ethics issues and the need for greater definition in regard to research, end of life issues, and conception arise (Moon in Virgo).

  • —There is rapid innovation. It is a great time for individual inventors as there are many avenues for those with a pioneering spirit.

  • —Secret agendas around GMOs and Roundup become public.

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