Astrology and Mysticism Newsletter

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What's Happening in the Sky?

  • Sun in Gemini enters Cancer 6/21

  • Mercury retrograde turns direct 6/3

  • Mercury in Taurus enters Gemini rulership 6/13

  • Venus in Taurus rulership enters Gemini 6/22 EDT

  • Mars in Aries rulership

  • Jupiter in Aries

  • Saturn in Aquarius rulership turns retrograde 6/4

  • Uranus in Taurus

  • Neptune in Pisces rulership turns retrograde 6/28

  • Pluto in Capricorn retrograde

Astrology Articles

  1. Get the most out of the Month's Best Electional Time! - Learn to create your own electional charts. This 72-minute introductory teaching video with examples of amazing charts that worked against all odds, is available to buy ($22) or rent ($12), with or without subtitles. Click to see the trailer!

  2. June's Best Electional Time - There are definite time restraints in June with Saturn (fixed sign), Neptune (mutable sign), and Pluto (cardinal sign) all in late degrees.

  3. Uranus in the Solar Return 8th House - Change is the order of the day whether you are concerned about finances, sexual relationships, mental health, or intuitive insights.

  4. Teaching Schedule - Two free solar return videos on 

Mysticism Articles

  1. A Personal Experience with Acceptance - I am constantly on a spiritual journey and constantly learning. This month I learned a lesson in acceptance apart from surrender.

  2. Guest Video by Mark Nepo - What is the difference between acceptance and surrender? What role do they each play in the spiritual journey?

  3. The Co-creative Partner - Who is your co-creative partner and what can a co-creative partner do for you?

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