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Astrology and Mysticism Newsletter

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What's Happening in the Sky?

  • SOLAR ECLIPSE April 19th at 29 Aries

  • Aries Sun in exaltation enters Taurus 4/20

  • Aries Mercury enters Taurus 4/3

  • Mercury retrograde 4/21

  • Taurus Venus in rulership enters Gemini 4/11

  • Mars in Cancer fall

  • Jupiter in Aries

  • Saturn in Pisces

  • Uranus in Taurus fall

  • Neptune in Pisces rulership

  • Pluto in Aquarius

Astrology Articles

  1. Best Electional Day - Sometimes even the best events or situations have to end. If this is the last hurrah, go out with a bang! Make the passage memorable and then head off in a new direction. Expect solar eclipse surprise events!

  2. Electional Astrology Course for I created a 6 1/2 hr video course on Electional Astrology for the online Astrology University. The course is available to purchase. Follow the link to see the syllabus describing all the information I presented. 

  3. Mars in the Solar Return 2nd house - Will you hustle to earn more money, or cut back on hours to spend more time with family and friends? Let go of material clutter that no longer serves you.

  4. Former President Donald Trump's Natal Charts - Both charts are given, the one from the birth certificate President Trump released, and the other the birth time from his mother.


Mysticism Articles

  1. Guest Video-Energy Healing Explained by Jeffery Allen. This is an introduction to energy healing and how to use your own energy to heal yourself.

  2. Guest Video-Modern Day Energy Healing - - Modern science is beginning to investigate traditional energy healing techniques with amazing results.

  3. November 3, 2023 Star of David - As the next Star of David draws near, I thought it would be a good time to review its interpretation.

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