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Astrology and Mysticism Newsletter

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What's Happening in the Sky?

  • Sun in Cancer enters Leo 7/22

  • Mercury in Cancer enters Leo fall 7/2

  • Leo Mercury in fall enters Virgo exaltation & rulership 7/25

  • Venus in Cancer enters Leo 7/11

  • Mars in Taurus detriment enters Gemini 7/20

  • Jupiter in Gemini detriment

  • Saturn retrograde in Pisces

  • Uranus in Taurus fall

  • Neptune in Pisces rulership turns retrograde 7/2

  • Pluto retrograde in Aquarius exaltation

Astrology Articles

  1. Best Electional Day -This is a new Moon situation. The Moon's final aspect is a trine to Neptune after a conjunction to Venus, and a sextile to Uranus. Change is in the wind, especially when it comes to finances. Time to think outside the box!

  2. Mars in the Solar Return 7th house - If you are lucky, someone is able to motivate you to greater achievement. Know when someone has your best interests at heart. If you are unlucky, conflicts arise with partners or acquaintances.

  3. Donald Trump's 2024 Solar Return Chart  - Trump was in Washington, DC for a meeting with the Congressional GOP the morning of his Solar Return, which occurred on the 14th, as this is a Leap Year.

  4. New Report - Illustrated Child Natal Chart Interpretation - This report is written specifically about children. It provides guidance to parents on how to best address and fulfill the needs of their children as they mature.


Mysticism Articles

  1. 3rd Lesson in Opening the Heart Chakra - There are 12 lotus petals in the heart chakra, & 12 steps for raising your vibration. An open heart can learn to manifest thorough attraction. Love and acceptance pair with desire.

  2. Guest Video - Spirituality Versus Religion: A Deep Analysis - Spirituality is bigger than religion, and in this video, you are encouraged to expand your circle of awareness beyond any limitations, even if those limits are your religious beliefs.

  3. What is the Point of Spirituality? - Spirituality isn't necessarily associated with ineffable experiences. It can be related to greater awareness in mundane situations.

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