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Astrology and the planets

What's Happening in the Sky?

  • SOLAR ECLIPSE 6/10 at 20 Gemini

  • Sun in Gemini enters Cancer 6/20 EDT

  • Mercury retrograde in rulership Gemini turns direct 6/22

  • Venus in Gemini enters Cancer 6/2, then enters Leo 6/27

  • Mars in Cancer fall enters Leo 6/11

  • Jupiter in Pisces rulership turns retrograde 6/20

  • Saturn retrograde in Aquarius rulership

  • Uranus in Taurus

  • Neptune in Pisces rulership turns retrograde 6/25

  • Pluto retrograde in Capricorn

Astrology Articles


  1. Electional Astrology Example - Electional Astrology is not just for businesses, marriages, diets, or solving problems. It can also be used to beginning a spiritual journey or start a vision quest.

  2. June Best Day - Jupiter leaves Aquarius soon and crosses into Pisces leaving Pluto as the final aspect, then Mercury turns retrograde. What to choose?.

  3. What does Saturn in the Solar Return 9th House indicate about hypocrisy? Practice what you preach!

  4. Teaching Schedule:  check out my upcoming lectures and workshops on Solar Returns and Electional Astrology.

Mysticism Articles

  1. Opening the Heart Chakra: Download this checklist of all the ways you can show love on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. Opening the heart chakra involves vulnerability and demonstrating your love can be challenging.

  2. Guest Video: Jim Carey talks about the process of manifesting and being authentic. He once repeatedly visualized a $10,000,000 check and reached that goal early in his career. What is most interesting to me, and I believe this is true, that after manifesting what you want, you move to a state of acceptance, surrendering all desire.

  3. 4th Co-creative Thought Transformation - Progressing along the spiritual path is highly individualized. Sooner or later, you must travel alone in order to keep pace with the guidance you are receiving from a Higher Power. So, do not tarry. 

  4. Opening the Heart Chakra is not only necessary to show love for yourself and others, it is also essential to the process of attracting and manifesting what you desire in life. Here are the four signs of an opening heart: