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What's Happening in the Sky?

  • Virgo Sun in Libra fall 9/22

  • Libra Mercury retro 9/27

  • Libra Venus in Scorpio detriment 9/10

  • Virgo Mars in Libra detriment 9/14 EDT

  • Jupiter retro in Aquarius

  • Saturn retro in Aquarius rulership

  • Uranus retro in Taurus

  • Neptune retro in Pisces rulership

  • Pluto retro in Capricorn

Astrology Articles


  1. Making Choices with the Outer Planet Transits: Uranus, Neptune, & Pluto is now in paperback format and available everywhere on Amazon or from Mary Shea - $7.99.

  2. September Best Time - Mercury & Jupiter are natural partners ruling signs opposing each other. They come together this month indicating agreements with benefits.

  3. Saturn in the Solar Return 12th House - Just because Saturn is in the Solar Return  12th house, does not mean it is out of sight, out of mind. Quite the opposite! Doubt lives in the unconscious.

  4. Astrological Teaching Schedule:  check out my upcoming in-person and online lectures and workshops on Solar Returns and Electional Astrology.

Mysticism Articles

  1. Judgment creates pathways of separation and guilt in our brains that can be used against ourselves and others. What lies beyond our self-imposed, defensive limits? Compassion!

  2. Guest Video by Tim Dawes: This is an amazing talk about using compassion as a superpower to change lives, your life and the life of those you touch.

  3. 7th Co-creative Thought Transformation - Compassion arises when you forgo judgment of yourself and others. Those who knew better, would do better.

  4. Mystical Teachings - Heart Journey written under the pen name Mary Juno is an in-depth discussion of the mystical topics presented here. You can purchase the book on Amazon or directly from Mary Shea.


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