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Current Month's Best Electional Astrology Day

Friday, July 5th

Moon in Cancer

final aspect sextile Neptune

Both the Sun and the Moon are in Cancer, so this is a new Moon situation regardless of the time you choose. The Moon is in rulership, and you have rights in the matter at hand. Be sure to exercise those rights. Venus is also in Cancer, so as the Moon crosses the Sun and moves on, it will make all good aspects including a conjunction to Venus.


Here are the Moon aspects after the conjunction to the Sun:

  • trine to Saturn

  • sextile Mars in detriment

  • conjunction Venus

  • sextile Uranus in fall

  • finally trine Neptune


Because of these positive aspects, this is a good time to make changes that will be financially beneficial in the long run. You can instead spend money to effect changes. It is time to think outside the box. Proceed in a new direction and in new ways. Things might not always be kosher with Mars in detriment and Uranus in fall, but do not cross a line. You can stay legal and still succeed.

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