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Current Month's Best Electional Astrology Day

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Wednesday, July 21, 2021 until Moon VOC at 6:26 pm EDT

Moon in Sagittarius

final aspect trine Venus


For those of you who have access to an astrological calculation program, and there are many online, there is a time around noon or 1 pm when the Sun, Mars, and Venus all fall into the 10th house of career with the Moon in Sagittarius trining Mars and Venus from the 2nd house of money. This could be a good time to apply for a higher paying job, ask for a raise, or make a major career move. This might depend on your location, north or south, and time zone. It is possible on the East Coast USA.

Depending on which day and time you chose, the Moon might be applying to a square to Neptune. You may have some doubts about your abilities and your plans. The good news is that things tend to turn out well when dealing with the Moon in Sagittarius. This is because Sagittarius is ruled by the great benefic Jupiter. The Moon's last aspect is a good one, a trine, to the lesser benefic, Venus. Mars is strong in Leo, a fire sign, indicating that you will have the drive and energy to complete a task once you focus and commit to the plan.

The emphasis at this time is not just on money: it is also a good time for relationships. Venus and Mars are together in Leo, a showy, romantic sign. You may meet you match!


This is also a creative time, good for the arts or any improvement or beautification project.