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Current Month's Best Electional Astrology Day

Monday, April 29th

Moon in Capricorn

final aspect sextile Mars

This day improves greatly after Venus enters Taurus at 7:31 am EDT. Four planets are grouped together in Taurus - Venus, Sun, Uranus, and Jupiter. Sounds like a lucky combination with Uranus and Jupiter conjunct!


If you are looking for a job, place these four planets in the 10th house of career. In most locations, this might be between 11 am and noon.


If you are interested in a relationship, you might want these four planets in the 7th house. This will occur around 6:30 - 7:30 pm in most locations.

Looking to buy a home? Put the Taurus planets in the 4th house.

You can get an exact time when the four Taurus planets are where you want them by going to and using their free calculation program.

Here is a job search electional chart you can use for either the application process or the interview. The chart is set for EDT and you will need to use an online chart calculation program to adjust the chart for your area so it looks somewhat like this layout. The activity Moon is moving to trine Venus, Saturn, Neptune, and the Sun in or near the 10th house/cusp. The Moon will also sextile Jupiter and Uranus in the 11th house of salary. There is a Moon square to Mercury, but that should not be a problem. You can instead use a similar chart on Monday, the 18th. You want planets in the 10th house especially the Sun. If you are looking for employment, I hope this information helps.
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