Current Month's Best Electional Astrology Day

Tuesday, April 6th

Moon in Aquarius

Moon's final zodiacal aspect conjunction Jupiter followed by parallel Saturn

The Moon makes a number of good aspects once it gets past the square to Uranus (1:58 am EDT), and the conjunction to Saturn at 6:32 am EDT. From that point on, the Moon will sextile the Sun in exaltation in Aries. The Sun in exaltation generally relates to an important person or expert who is willing to help you. This person might encourage you to take action since the Moon will trine Mars next. Although a good aspect like a sextile to Venus can indicate funding, Venus is in the detriment in Aries, so any money might be less than expected. However, it is possible that it is enough to get you started since Venus and Mars are exactly sextile each other on this day. The Moon's final zodiacal aspect is a conjunction to Jupiter. It might be important that your efforts work for the common good. Jupiter rules generosity and good will.


The Moon makes one more aspect, a parallel to Saturn. Whatever you create or start, might take root and becomes established or common practice. You have to keep in mind that at the very beginning of this day, the Moon conjoined Saturn. A Moon last over Saturn is a serious Moon with carefully executed plans.

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