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Electional Astrology Business chart

Electional Astrology Chart to Launch a Website

An electional chart needs to say what you want to happen. It is an astrological picture of the process and needs to reflect the business so that a connection and bond is formed with the moment and time of birth. There are a number of things to consider for this election. The website is for feed and supplements for cats, dogs and horses. Pets and small animals are ruled by Virgo and horses are ruled by Jupiter. There should be a connection between the 10th house of business and these signs and/or planets. The ruler of the 6th house should also be strong as this rules the daily running of the business, organizational skills, animals and their health. The 2nd house of money and the 11th house of money from the business should be fortified to increase income.

In a business election, you cannot build a chart just on making money and the 2nd house. My feeling is that when the business is good and strong, the money will follow. When the emphasis is on money first with little concern for the nature of the business, the chart is shallow. You have a quality product that you have developed and a strong vision. This should be reflected in the chart.


The 10th house of career and business for this election has 4 rulers. The primary ruler of the cusp is Mercury. Mercury is both exalted and in rulership in Virgo. Planets that are exalted show an element of the chart that will rise to a higher position. In this case, you want the business to thrive and therefore it should be ruled by a strong planet. Mercury also rules health, nutrition, small animals and pets. Jupiter, the ruler of horses is also in the 10th house and this planet is related to expansion. You want the business to expand and prosper. The Sun is the light of the chart and when it is in the 10th house of success it shows a strong business. In most states businesses are incorporated at noon. This always puts the Sun in the 10th house. Mars in the 10th shows ambition, innovation and originality. You are promoting your own mixes that you created. So the 10th house of the business is set up to reflect a progressive, prosperous, and expanding business that reflects your product.


The 6th house rules animals and the daily routine for the business. The ruler is Venus. Venus shows the love and care you have for animals. Venus in a fixed sign indicates a stable routine and a pleasant working environment with little stress.


Venus is also the ruler of the 11th house which is the money of the business or salary. Venus is the natural ruler of money. The Part of Fortune is in the 2nd house which rules your money. The Part of Fortune is a benefic part and in this chart it is trine or in good aspect to Mars, Sun and Jupiter in the 10th house. This lends support.


The Moon in the election is in Scorpio. You will want to keep the formulas you develop secret. Scorpio rules secrecy, research, and intuition. The electional Moon makes all good aspects, moving to trine Saturn and then sextile Mars, Sun and Jupiter. Careful planning leads to success and a prosperous business expanding over time..


The election chart has to have strengths on its own, but it must also connect strongly to your natal chart. In this case the election Moon is conjunct your natal Ascendant. You are emotional involved with this business. The election 4th house cusp which shows the root of your business path is conjunct to your natal Venus. This is what you are here to do on the planet at this time.


As with all election charts, there are things I do not care for in the chart. No electional chart is perfect. There is only the best chart within the given time period. This is the best chart in September. It is a chart of empowerment with Pluto in the first house. You can transform your life with this chart and business if you stay on target. You have to be careful that you do not work against the business. Your personality must support and complement. Stay organized and consistent. With Pluto in the first square to the 10th house planets, Neptune in the 3rd opposing Venus, and Uranus in the 3rd you might have a tendency to be erratic, confused, indecisive, fearful, controlling, and obsessive. Sstay out of debt. It will bind you. You take care of the business and the business will heal you.

Update: This business is still going strong. The owner recently told me she is now running $350,000 in sales.

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