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Good Home Improvement

with Electional Astrology

This chart is the redo of the bad home improvement project and chart also seen on this site. The owners were flipping a house that desperately needed new siding. They had hired a major, national home improvement company expecting quality workmanship. The workmen were inexperienced and the siding job was a total failure. It was removed and the house looked like it had been raked with shotgun blasts. For this next attempt, the couple hired a local siding contractor after inspecting some of his previous work. They also picked the best time to meet with the contractor to sign the paperwork and turn over a deposit. They were not able to choose the best day to begin residing the house and this is generally not possible with contractors.

Electional Astrology Indications


The chart has to say what you want to happen. In this chart, Mercury is the ruler of the 4th house and it is in rulership and also exaltation in Virgo. Planets that are in exaltation indicate something the rises to a higher position. Certainly, the house needed new and better siding to sell at a good price. Mercury can also represent the contractor since Mercury is in the 6th house of hired help. The fact that exalted Mercury also represents the contractor indicates that the contractor is very skilled. The Moon's final aspect is a parallel to Venus in rulership Libra. Matters end well.

You might be wondering about the Moon moving to opposed the Sun. The female home owner stated that the contractor was the most chauvinistic male she had ever met and she knew that she needed to get past that. A connection had to be made between the home owners and the contractor. The rulers of the Ascendant are Jupiter and Neptune and they both trine Mercury ruling the contractor. Both the home owners and the contractor wanted the same thing - a good result. Note Venus in the 7th house in rulership Libra. A cordiaI relationship is the key. I suggested to the home owner that she treat the overweight contractor every morning to a Sara Lee brunch. She did as I suggested, putting out coffee and warm pastries when the crew was ready for a break. The only thing missing was the rolling tea cart. Each morning while downing the treats, the contractor would say, "You know that doorway or window needs some trim. Let me fix that for free." And that is how the homeowners got fabulous siding for the house they were flipping, plus a few extra free window and door trims for $50 of Sara Lee, coffee, and daily pints of half-and-half.

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