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Electional Astrology helps me buy a house

Electional Astrology Used to Buy a Home for Less

The most important thing I can tell you about choosing an electional time, is the chart has to say what you want to happen. The planets, houses, aspects, and the activity Moon are all actors in a play. Their movements and interactions tell a story and you want the script to reflect the desired outcome.  


This is the first electional chart I ever did back in 1984. I hand calculated this chart with an ephemeris and table of houses in a hotel room before we bid on a house. The house was listed for $124, 900, after having been reduced from $130,000 a few days before. We could not afford the house and needed the price to drop even more.  

When bidding on a house or buying a house, you want to connect the buyer, ruled by the first house since they are initiating the bid, with the 4th house or the home being purchased. You might also wish to disconnect the seller, ruled by the 7th house, from the 4th house. Here are several examples of the more common ways to do this. Other creative options are possible. 


  1. The first house ruler can be in the 4th house showing residence

  2. The 4th house ruler can be in the 1st house showing buyer ownership

  3. The 1st and 4th house rulers can be conjunct or applying to a conjunction

  4. The 1st and 4th house can be ruled by the same planet

We are the buyers, initiating a bid on the house, and our ruler is Mercury.  The home is ruled by the 4th house and also ruled by Mercury, connecting us as the buyers to the home. The seller is ruled by the 7th house. Her ruler is Jupiter in fall in Capricorn. Jupiter is square to Mercury, disconnecting the seller from the home.    


Jupiter is a planet that will meet you more than halfway, especially when it is in the 7th house. In this chart Jupiter is in fall in the 7th house of the seller. The seller is at a disadvantage and is likely to do something against her best interest. We bid $110,000 figuring we would eventually agree on $117,000, a halfway point. Instead, the seller simply accepted our offer without attempting to counter.

  1. The activity Moon will parallel Jupiter showing agreement

  2. The Moon's final aspect is a trine to Mercury showing an agreement

  3. Venus is in the success 10th house

Note the Moon's applying conjunction to Uranus after the parallel to Jupiter and before the trine to Mercury. This aspect is actually an occultation. The Moon will eclipse Uranus. An eclipse of a planet is called an occultation. Beneficial occultations, (to Venus or Jupiter), are never as good as they are expected to be, and difficult occultations, (to a malefic), are never as bad as they could be. In this case, there was two feet of water in the basement when we bought the house and moved in. The problem had plagued the previous owner even after the installation of a $5000 sump pump and french drain. We soon discovered that the contractors never connected the sump pump to a drainage pipe to the street. A simple $40 repair fixed the problem and the base never flooded again.

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