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Electional Astrology diet chart

Electional Astrology Weight-Loss Diet Chart


My client was interested in starting a weight loss diet that included a healthy lifestyle that she could live with long term. Although weight loss was the initial goal, a sustainable lifestyle was the ultimate objective. She wanted to know the best foods to eat and how to curb emotional eating. . She felt out of control due to stress which led her to consume a lot of high calorie, processed foods. She did not feel that she could diet and change her lifestyle on her own. She was looking for professional help and support.To accomplish her goals, my client felt the need for:

  1. nutritional education

  2. psychological counseling

  3. professional support.  

 Nutritional Education: The Sun is in Virgo, the sign associated with health in the 6th house of healthy habits along with Mercury. Virgo is an intellectual sign with an emphasis on practical applications. Virgo focuses on what works. I think of it as the "karma busting" sign. Mercury is the planet of knowledge, but it is in fall in Leo. My client's present understanding of how to lose weight and what to eat is limited. The Moon in Gemini in the 3rd house of communication is moving to sextile Mercury showing the introduction of new information. 


Psychological Counseling: My client is pretty introspective as noted by Neptune conjunct the Ascendant, so light counseling in a group setting would be all that was needed. Jupiter is in Scorpio, the sign of in-depth investigation in the 8th house of psychological awareness. Jupiter is sextile Pluto in the 11th house of groups and trine to both Neptune and the Ascendant showing a more lighthearted form of counseling would be sufficient. The Moon is in Gemini to promote intelligent insights into the reasons for emotional eating. 


Professional Support: Venus is in rulership in Libra in the 7th house of the other person. Venus is strong by sign, house, and is accidentally dignified by being angular. The Moon in Gemini is moving to trine Venus showing good communication with a professional. Venus is also sextile to Mercury in the 6th house. Venus is square to Mars in the 11th house of groups. My client will be challenged by the professional and will have to make adjustments as the Moon's final aspect is a quincunx to Mars. Key phrase for the Moon's final aspect a quincunx is "change your mind and settle for less." In this case, my client has change her mind and habits. She has lost 32 pounds so far. She is healthy and pain-free.   

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