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Electional Astrology Chart to Return the Book Rights to the Author

This election is to enable the author to recover the rights to four books. The books were originally written under contract to a publishing company which retained the rights. The author had requested the reversion of rights several times without a positive response. For this attempt, she was willing to email a written request at the appointed time, even though it was in the early hours of the morning.


All the angles are mutable which indicates that change is possible. The Ascendant of the chart is Virgo. The ruler of Virgo is Mercury in exaltation and rulership. Mercury is the ruler of the author as she is the one initiating the election and request.

Since her ruler Mercury is in a sign that it rules, the author has rights in the matter at hand. Because Mercury is in exaltation, the author can "rise to a higher position." The author has plans to convert these books to the Kindle format and sell them herself on Amazon. Mercury is also the ruler of anything written including books. Mercury is in the author's 1st house indicating that she will be in possession of the rights to her books.  


The 7th house of the other person has Pisces on the cusp. Neptune is in the 7th house. Perhaps the publisher can be easily swayed. Jupiter is the other ruler of Pisces and it is the natural ruler of publishers and books. Jupiter is in your 3rd house showing that the author should have possession of her books.


The 9th house also rules publishers. In this case, Taurus is on the 9th house cusp and the ruler of Taurus, Venus, is in the 3rd house indicating that the publisher will come over to the author's way of thinking. This is especially true as Venus is in a fixed sign and in detriment. The publisher is doing something he/she should not be doing. In the 9th house, Uranus is retrograde indicating the publisher will change position abruptly and for unknown reasons.  


The Moon is the activity of the chart and is in the 3rd house of books moving to sextile Mercury in Virgo in the 1st house. Then it will trine Neptune in the 7th house, ruling the publisher, showing agreement. Next it will contra-parallel Uranus in the 9th house of publishers showing a change of mind. The Moon will conjunct Jupiter indicating the books are yours and then sextile the Sun showing success in the matter at hand.   


In October, the author was notified that the rights to her books were reverted to her.

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