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Electional Astrology goal
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7th house Astrology

Building an Electional Astrology Chart Step-by-Step


Step 1 – Clearly define the goal of the election chart. The chart has to say what you want to happen!

My husband was temporarily stationed in New Jersey for two years. I did the electional chart for the sale of the house and it sold in ten days for over the asking price. When we went to buy a home in Maryland, there was nothing to buy and we were forced to build. The house would not be ready until August. We would be without a home for four months. We would return to Baltimore and stay with my mother-in-law in her home filled with china and antiques. The yard was a postage stamp. My boys were 3, 9, and 13. I called the pool we had previously belonged to before relocating to New Jersey to get an application for membership. I was told the waiting list was 22 families long and I would have a two year wait. I did not have two years to wait. So, this is my goal: Join the Swim Club.

Step 2 – Pick a good day for your Election.

If it is an important event such as selling your house, you might study your transits and progressions in order to zero in on a particular time span. But then you need to pick a good Moonsign wherein the Moon, the activity of the electional chart, makes good aspects to the other planets and makes a good final aspect before leaving the sign.

​Step 3 - Know which house relates to you and which house relates to your goal.

As the person initiating the election, you are always represented in the electional chart by the 1st house. The 1st house also rules "here" as in this is where you are now. The 7th house rules "there" as in where you wish to go. In this case, I wish to go there to the swim club.

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Final Electional Astrology chart

Step 4 - Pick the best planets to represent you and your goal.

There are several ways to pick the best planets to represent you. The planet might relate to your character or your present situation. It is important to not only pick the best planet to represent you or your goals, but also pick planets that are strong by sign and have a number of good aspects, especially to the activity Moon. I prefer to look at planets in exaltation or rulership as they are the best planets in the chart and have standing. So, here are the planet standings on the electional day.


Here are the planets on this day:

Planets in Rulership:

  • Venus in Taurus

  • Jupiter in Pisces

  • Pluto in Scorpio

Planets in Exaltation:

  • Sun in Aries

  • Moon in Taurus

  • Mars in Capricorn

Planets in Detriment:

  • Mercury in Pisces

Planets that are Peregrine:

  • Saturn in Sagittarius

  • Uranus in Sagittarius

  • Neptune in Capricorn

Given this list of planets and the keywords for strength and standing, obliviously I do not want to be represented by peregrine planets or Mercury in detriment. Instead, I wish to be represented by planets in rulership and exaltation because I wish:

  • to belong

  • have a right to be at the pool

  • be welcomed

  • be the honored guest

  • to rise to a higher position on the waiting list

Step 5 - Choose the best Ascendant and chart orientation.

Next, I need to choose an Ascendant and chart orientation that will put my ruler/s in the 7th house of "there" with rights to be there as a welcomed guest.  Of the rulership planets, Venus is the best choice since with Libra on the Ascendant, Venus will fall into the 7th house of there, showing that I am there at the pool.

Remember, the chart has to say what you want to happen! What do I want to happen? I (my ruler Venus) want to be there (7th) house in the chart.

But when I set up the chart with Venus in the 7th house, I realize that I can also put the exalted Moon and Sun in the 7th house. This makes me a welcomed and honored guest. I can rise to a higher position on the waiting list. I also see that Jupiter can fall into the 5th house. Jupiter is in Pisces and I can see my children swimming at the pool.

Step 6 - Take Appropriate Action.

There is an interaction that occurs between the electional chart and the person selecting and initiating the election. The chart says what you want to happen, but you also get to do what the chart tells you to do to be successful. In this case with the Libra Ascendant and all those positive planets in the 7th house, I wrote a personal letter to the Club board explaining my situation and how much we had enjoyed our time at the pool for many years before moving. I was complimentary and asked for their kind assistance.

Remember to act in a way that is consistent with the electional chart.

So, what happened to my application? The bottom line is that the Board of the swim club changed the bylaws so that all former members in good standing took move to the head of the waiting list. This is reflected in the electional chart. The 3rd house of bylaws shows some confusion with Uranus and Neptune in that house and it was decided to update and improve their bylaws with this change, Mars in exaltation in Capricorn.

Final Electional Astrology Swim Chart
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