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Bad Home Improvement & Electional Astrology

What were they thinking? This is a bad home improvement project gone completely off the rails and wrong. The couple owned a house for a little over a year and had plans to flip it the following Spring. The siding on the house was made from pressed sawdust which was crumbling when they purchased the home. They contacted a major national company for an estimate and ended up with a high-pressure salesman who insisted they sign a contract immediately to qualify for a limited time offer. The chart shows the time of the signing.


There were major problems right from the start as the company had hired a lot of unskilled labor to meet consumer orders. It was obvious that the crew was inexperienced and untrained.

Electional Astrology Indications


The Moon has only one major aspect to make, a square to Pluto retrograde. Fortunately, Pluto is in a cardinal sign meaning that even though you regret the course of action you have taken, you can get a chance to redo the project. When the final Moon aspect is a square to a malefic retrograde planet in a fixed sign, it is less likely that you get to do it over.  Before the Moon makes the final aspect to Pluto, it will quincunx the Sun and Venus. The Sun rules success in general, and Venus rules all beautification projects. In this chart, it is also the ruler of the 4th house of home and the end of the matter. The quincunx is an aspect calling for adjustment.

Here is the listing of the siding major problems:
  • The siding, itself, looked like shiny tinfoil

  • the crew never removed the old siding leading to an uneven ripple effect on all the walls

  • the crew never removed any fixtures including outside lights, preferring to just cut a bigger hole in the siding and then fill the hole with up to 4 inches of white caulk


The home owner called the salesman within the first 30 minutes of the project because it was obviously so bad right from the start. He never returned the call or was seen again. After three days of continuing horrible workmanship, and no response to calls to the salesman or the manager, the homeowner ordered the crew off the property or the police would be called. Only then, did the manager show up, and in less than 30 minutes. He offered the siding job at half price, but the homeowner said, "I will not accept this siding even if you give it to me for free."

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