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2020 Astrology chart Star of David

The Astrology of the 2020 Star of David

The last Star of David occurred in 2020. It was an earth and water star. The earth Grand Trine consisted of Mercury, Jupiter, and Uranus. Note that the Virgo Sun and Capricorn Pluto and Saturn are all close to planets in the earth Grand Trine. The water grand trine consisted of Venus, Moon, and Neptune. It is interesting to note that Mars does not have a place in the Star. Planets that are outsiders tend to be rebel planets. They may indicate disrupters with limited power.

As we look at the events in the months following the appearance of this Star, we can see a major shift has occurred with the results of the USA presidential election.


  • Trump rode in on the 2016 Star of David and he rode out on the 2020 Star. The tone and ideas put forth by Joseph Biden are very different from Donald Trump.

  • We can also see that Donald Trump acting like the rebel planet Mars in refusing to concede. He is pretty much by himself in this assessment as Mars squares the Capricorn governmental planets. Numerous courts, including the Supreme Court have rejected his arguments concerning voter fraud. He refused to attend the Inauguration.

  • Donald Trump was impeached for the second time accused of inciting the January 6th insurrection at the Capital Building when numerous Oath Keepers, Proud Boys, and QAnon conspiracy believers stormed Congress to overturn the election results.

  • Hundreds of thousands died from Covid-19 while waiting for a vaccine.

  • Immigration asylum seekers were being admitted to the USA.

  • President Biden rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement.

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