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Natal Astrology Reading

Natal Astrology Reading with Solar Return


A natal astrology reading provides an in-depth look at the birth chart and the immediate future. The interpretation is both spiritual and psychological. It is particularly helpful to those individuals who find themselves in the same situation repeatedly. This reading aims to be insightful and therapeutic by addressing issues originating in childhood, established during personality development, and resulting in adult patterns of behavior (both positive and negative). The goal is to maximize potential through an awareness of talents, opportunities, and skills, while also looking at problem areas and self-defeating habits.


Once the personality is understood, the focus shifts to the present year with an interpretation of the solar returns chart, secondary progressions, solar arcs, transits, and timing of major events. A meditation message obtained in prayer for the individual is included. Consultations last one to two hours and can be done by phone. Cost is $800.  The reading can be recorded and sent digitally along with written material. 

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