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​The cadent houses have to do with gathering various forms of information. This is a preparatory time when you grow intellectually, philosophically, and spiritually while applying what you have perceived and learned to mundane situations. The focus is on facts, common sense practical applications, beliefs, and intuition.

3th - This house has a lot of do with reading, learning, studying, and writing. The culmination is rethinking information, making decisions, and communicating your thoughts to other.

12th - Information gleaned when the Sun is in the 3rd house can be reorganized and integrated while the Sun is in the 12th house. This is an independent house in that you are the one who determines what you believe based on your own experience.

9th - Beliefs are reassess in light of religious teachings, philosophical thoughts, education, travel, and ethnic experiences. What beliefs will you live by? What principles will you espouse?

6th - This is the house of practical experience and causality. Can you apply what you know and believe to health, work, and every day, mundane living. This is the house of common sense, what works and what doesn't.

Solar Returns 3rd house
Solar Returns 12th house
Solar Returns 9th house
Solar Returns 6th house
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