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Co-creative Manifestation Through Attraction

Sacred co-creative manifestation

Lesson 1 - Sacred Heart Contracts Video


What is a sacred heart contract? A sacred heart contract is a formal or informal request made to a Higher Beneficial Power to join forces with you and co-create what you want in your life.  It is both:

  • an initiation into a mystical journey

  • a lesson in attracting and manifesting


With every decision you make or don’t make, you are shaping your life. Asking for what you want makes this process conscious and directed. Requesting the assistance of a Higher Power makes this process co-creative and mystical. A sacred heart contract empowers you and your vision by seeking insight and guidance from an Intelligence and Force beyond your limited abilities. This allows you to manifest with ease while augmenting your spiritual awareness and connection.


Attraction does not occur without desire. You must know what you want and be able to state it in a measurable way. In this video, you will learn step-by-step how to compose a "Sacred Heart Contract" for something as frivolous as a crystal or as concrete as fulfilling employment.

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