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Co-creative Manifestation Through Attraction

Co-creative Manifestation Partner

​Lesson 2 - The Co-Creative Partner Video

The purpose of this video is to sensitize the viewer to co-creative communication. There are many ways to connect and establish understanding and trust with the Higher Power of your choice. These are the goals of the co-creative partnership:

  1. establish two-way communication with your co-creative Partner, (there are specific techniques you can use to establish your own individual language, signals, and code)

  2. jointly practice the art of manifestation through attraction and receptivity, (there is a Higher Intelligence that collaborates with you to attract creative energy into formation according to your intention)

  3. learn to recognize signs and signals in the process, (many times the final stage before manifestation is a high energy state like transition in labor before giving birth, and you have to be able to hold the energy and intention steady for complete manifestation to occur)

  4. take appropriate and corrective action as needed, (knowing when to move, when to wait, when to change course, or apply force.)


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