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Co-creative Manifestation Through Attraction

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​​Lesson 3 - Co-Creative Communication Video


Communication with your co-creative partner guides you through the process of attraction and manifestation. Manifestation looks different from one person to the next, and also from one request to the next. Though we can speak in generalities about the elements that go into the process, it can be a maze. Guidance from a Higher Intelligence makes it so much easier.


Communication can occur through seeing, hearing, and sensing. While these avenues are important, not everyone can relate to those techniques. It takes time to develop these abilities and sensitivities. There are less extraordinary means that anyone can pick up on. These techniques and abilities are based on:

  1. your awareness of what goes on around you.

  2. your ability to trust what you have perceived

  3. your ability to access and interpret what you have noted


In this video, we talk about the different experiences that can occur in communication with your co-creative Partner and now to assess and interpret your experiences with:



  • symbols

  • signs

  • coincidence and/or Synchronicity

  • ease

  • difficulty

  • god whispers

  • lucid dreams

  • visions

  • energetic sensations



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