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Co-creative Manifestation Through Attraction

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​Lesson 4 - Troubleshooting Co-Creative Manifestation Video


Your ability to attract and manifest may or may not require corrective action on your part. It is important to note where and when a breakdown of the process might occur.

Troubleshooting Problems with Communication and Connection

  1. assess the strength and quality of your connection

  2. evaluate the nature of communications

  3. avoid predictions

  4. maintain faith in your co-creative Partner

  5. when there is silence and no feedback

The Balance of Desire and Openness

  1. desire is too strong, clinging to expectations, lacking openness

  2. desire is too weak, no investment or effort

  3. conflicting desires

  4. overly complex contracts and requests

  5. sabotage and negative emotions

Sustaining Your Focused Thought

  1. rigid and narrow focused thought

  2. inability to focus or redefine as you go

  3. inability to sustain, becoming scattered and distracted

  4. excessive thinking, planning, and analyzing

  5. rationalism and the need for logical explanations

Problems with the Avenue of Manifestation

  1. procrastination, lack of follow through, or insincere effort

  2. disorganization and self-sabotage

  3. impatience and over-compensation

  4. preconditions and lack of essential skills

  5. chaotic life

  6. complexity

  7. need to renegotiate

  8. lack of financial support

  9. lack of ethical or moral integrity

  10. never getting started

Problems with Flow

  1. moving against the flow

  2. unresponsive flow

  3. slow moving and stagnant flow

  4. delays, interference, and incorrect timing

  5. quick flow and lack of preparation

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