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Co-creative Manifestation Through Attraction

Hands of Co-creative Manifestation

Example of Co-creative Manifestation Through Attraction

To help you understand the potential of the process of manifestation through attraction, let me give you an example from my own experience. In the late 1980's as I was just starting to work with this technique, I asked God, (choose your own Higher Power here), for a particular crystal to be sent to me as a sign. The crystal was called a "tantric twin" crystal which is commonly two quartz crystals growing side by side and fused together to look like one. I read about these crystals in a book and wanted one. I had never even seen one, but I made this very specific request:


"Please send me a tantric twin crystal with two points the same height that have a common slope at the top and a rainbow inside. I do not wish to purchase this crystal, or search for it, and I will not ask anyone for one, nor will I write my request down. This is my secret request that only you, God, and I will know about. I believe that you will send me this crystal when the time is right and it will be a sign to me."

After making the request, I surrendered to God's timing, manner, and eventual response. Six months later I was with a Cherokee Medicine Woman, Diana Soaring Hawk, who was showing me some feathers she had collected. In mid-sentence she stopped and looked up at the ceiling. She began conversing with a being of the spirit world saying,


"What?" (pause)

"Huh?" (pause)

"Yeah, sure." (pause)

"No problem!" 



At this point, she reached into her bag saying, "I was just told that this is for you." Into my hand she placed a tantric twin crystal with the two points the same height and having a common slope. A rainbow was inside. I was stunned. There was absolutely no way anyone knew of my request. Once I made the request, I had let it go, placed it in God's hands, and forgotten about it, yet the crystal had come to me. I took it as a sign that God was listening and heard my prayers, even the petty, material ones. This is a picture of the actual crystal I received. The rainbow faded when Diana passed on.

Co-creative Manifestation Crystal

We live in a responsive, co-creative reality. When a request is made by an open heart that is for our highest good and the good of all involved, wishes are honored and granted in the most wondrous and miraculous ways.

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