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Heart Journey, a Spiritual Path
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It took ten years of astrological experiences with clients to research and write the Solar Return Book; it took twenty years of meditation and spiritual experiences to research and write this ground breaking book on attracting and manifesting abundance by forming a co-creative partnership with God or Higher Power of your choice.

With Heart Journey, I aim to change the world for the better. Heart Journey is a mystical path of spiritual initiation for everyone who wishes to live life with ease and support, doing meaningful work he or she loves, with loved ones, in balance, good health, and communion with God. Through the establishment of a co-creative partnership with God or Higher Power, the lay individual with a family and job can enter into a direct, mystical connection. The initial goal of the co-creative partnership is the manifestation of abundance through attraction and an openness to receiving.


Though the initial goal of the co-creative partnership in Heart Journey is a lesson in the process of manifestation through attraction, it is also a mystical path leading to spiritual maturity. Twelve Co-Creative Thought Transformations are given to shift thinking into higher consciousness. Eight Stages of Heart Openness are defined as milestones on the journey to love and compassion. Heart Journey is truly a journey of the heart, a journey into the heart, and the heart of the most important journey anyone can take.

THE TRADE PAPERBACK IS AVAILABLE from Mary Shea directly, at most foreign and domestic Amazon websites, at other various online booksellers around the world, and at your local bookstore through Lightening Source and Ingram Distribution - ISBN 9781930310131.

DIGITAL format from Itunes, PAPERBACK and DIGITAL FORMAT from Amazon: USA, Australia, Brazil, Canada, England, France, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, and Spain

DIGITAL FORMAT can be read with the free Kindle app on your computer, phone, or tablet.

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