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Heart Journey, a Spiritual Path
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What I Have Learned about Setting Intentions

In early 1990, I began to work with the process of attracting and manifesting by making a written request. I really didn't know what I was doing, but apparently that does not matter. I wrote down a few independent thoughts on a scrap of paper and tucked the request away in a book. I forgot about it completely until I opened the book two years later and read what I wrote. I was amazed that everything I requested had come to pass. Since that time, there are a few things I have learned about the process:

  • As my good friend Lucky Sweeny told me, "You can desire a diamond tiara and have it be a spiritual experience." Making a request, any request, is a way of interacting with God or the Higher Power of your choice.

  • Keep your initial request simple. Complex requests are complicated and cumbersome, and so is the manifestation process. Overwhelming the request line can clog the etheric flow and dilute your focus.

  • You can ask for nonmaterialistic manifestations like wisdom, success, more love in relationships, or even technical support.

  • Your request is about you, not other people.

  • Do your part when appropriate. You may have a role to play in the manifestation process.

  • Always be grateful, even when the manifestation isn't exactly what you want, but certainly what you asked for. Refine your vision and renegotiate your request. “Thank you very much, but what I really want is....” You can always make adjustments. Nothing is set in stone.

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