Heart Journey, a Spiritual Path

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A Personal Experience with the Afterlife:

I have no fear of death since an awakening when my children were young. My oldest child was in school and I had just dropped my younger son off at nursery school. I was driving home when I was touched by the most beautiful energy. It shot right through my body and I knew with every fiber of my being that I was very loved. The love I felt at that moment was a million times greater than anything I could even imagine here on earth. I immediately recognized this love as that place where we exist before, between, or after life. We do not think of love as a place, but that is how I experienced it. I pulled off the road and began to weep with the beauty of it all, it was so overwhelming. Despite my wonderful life, despite my husband and children who I loved dearly, I said, "Take me now! I am ready." The pull was that great, that attractive. I was ready to give it all up.
It was not my time, but I hope that when I do surrender into death, that it is as welcoming and loving as what I experienced years ago. Those who pass on leave their pain, worries, and limitations behind to go to a glorious place. As painful as it is to see them leave, there should be great joy in the going and I believe it is important to give them permission to transition.

Reading from Heart Journey, Chapter 17, "Health, Healing and Death."