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Heart Journey, a Spiritual Path

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Manifesting the Aurora Borealis

Last month I mentioned that while in Canada for the total eclipse, I had wanted to see a moose. I was told the chances were very slim to nonexistent. Regardless, a double rainbow appeared which called our attention to a moose running down the street. What I did not mention at the time, is that I also wanted to see the northern lights or the Aurora Borealis. There was the possibility in Canada, but the likelihood fizzled out though we did go out on a cold night to scan the sky just in case they appeared.

The northern lights remained on my bucket list, and I assumed one day I would have to travel to a special location in western Canada where the lights are almost guaranteed. Never did I expect to see them from my own front yard, but that is what happened. The first two images were taken with my cellphone camera. The third image was taken in my hometown.

I knew there was the possibility of northern lights in Connecticut that night, but despite past predictions, they had never occurred here. They have always said, "look low on the horizon," but there is a lot of light pollution in my area. I was not expecting a brilliant light display high up in the sky. I had already gone to bed, when the news came on claiming there were lights everywhere, north, east, and west. I immediately got dressed and went out.


What I learned from others viewing the lights is that they are magnified when you view them through your cellphone camera. They are not always seen clearly with the naked eye. The lights were so beautiful, I remained out at the beach until 3 am in the morning, and only returned home because I was physically exhausted though not tired of viewing the light show.

Thank you Universe. So glad to have seen them.


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