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Descent into Fear

Fear and Mysticism

Being on a lay mystical path is about love, love for God, love for others, and love for oneself. It is said in "A Course in Miracles" that love and fear can not exist in the same place and time, like light and dark cannot exist in the same place and time. Light always dispels darkness. Love always dispels fear. The information below is to help you remain in a fearless state of love, knowing that you are loved and capable to love.

Living in love not fear

The Thoughtful Guardian

If you wish to be free from unreasonable fear, you must monitor your thoughts and guard against the creation of threats and the generation of fear.  It is much easier to avert the whole process of fear than to stop the descent once it has begun.  "Do not go gentle into that dark night."  Maintain mental balance by looking at your situation objectively.  Face your fears without buying into them.  They are your friends and indicate the point of greatest potential for growth.  Have faith in the Universe, your soul and your ability to handle what you are being shown.

Doubt is the first step in creating fear

Doubting Thomas

Synchronicity with Spirit and Universal Consciousness is lost. You no longer trust that there is a rhyme or reason for the unfolding of events. The loss of connection to Spirit adversely affects your thought patterns. A real or imagined threat becomes the basis for your fear and pulls you off balance. As you lose your faith and doubts creep in, negative thinking accelerates. At the same time, learning and insight decelerate and you brace yourself for what lies ahead. Censorship of the flow of energy occurs. Antidotes are:  prayer; further observation before judgement; positive thinking and affirmations to reprogram negative thinking; creation of options, non-attachment.  

Worry leads to fear

Worry Wart

You begin to expand your fear by projecting it into the future. "It has always been this way! It will always be this way!" becomes your woeful cry. A prevailing negative focus of doom and gloom sets in. The flow of information is censored as you cut off communication and cease to search for alternatives and answers. You stop talking about what is happening within you and brood. You refuse to listen to others or accept advice. You counteract any suggestions with "but, what if" responses. Antidotes are: further and complete investigation; open the lines of communication; solicit objective feedback; chanting. 

Fear causes separation

Barrier Reef

Loss of control at the mental level and continued negative thinking adversely affects emotions. You begin to mistrust people in general or one person in particular. You might cut someone out of your life, manipulate a relationship, or project negative agendas onto others. You lose connections and support as you erect walls and defenses. Others are seen as part of the problem or unwilling to help. Anger becomes a contributing factor at this level and also a justification for fear. Some may use anger to attempt to overcome fear by moving to "Blame Other" on the Anger Board.  Relationships are censored as you becoming increasingly self-isolated. Antidotes are:  maintain physical and emotional contact with others; do not blame them for your fear; do something which makes you feel happy.

Fear leads to self-deflation


You start to lose power and effectiveness in certain situations. Self-criticism increases as labeling begins. Emotional dis-ease in the form of perfectionism, rejection, abandonment, guilt, pride, or martyrdom fuels the seed of fear as the descent picks up momentum. Your resistance is low. The fight goes out of you and you tend to give up, becoming resigned. Loss of power begins at this level as you wallow. You neglect any form of self-care and become your own worst enemy. You will not help yourself. Avoidance behavior is likely as you put off facing your fear while allowing situations to worsen and feelings to escalate.  Antidotes are:  go through the fearful situation; seek immediate resolution or support. 

Fear affects the body

Nuclear Fear

Loss of control at the emotional level and continued negative emoting adversely affects the physical body. Bodily functions begin to shift. You bloat, have a nervous stomach, excessive urination, and restlessness. Sleeping patterns are disrupted. Your fear is becoming exaggerated beyond any perceived threat and takes on a life of its own. It starts to control you.  Physical censorship begins to arise and you find yourself crying, shaking, or overeating mindlessly. You become trapped in your all-consuming fear. Antidotes are limited and slow to take effect at this point. Antidotes are: counseling; meditation; journaling; and shocking insights into truth which can lead to a return to reality. 

Fear and Panic

Panic Box

You experience a complete loss of perspective and orientation in regards to reality. You are not grounded and may be totally out of control. Your fears are unfounded, based in dark fantasies, and out of proportion to the situation or events. You are unreachable, out of touch with friends and family, and they are unable to help you regain perspective. Censorship by the body begins. You are immobilized by physical malfunctions which become incapacitating and immobilizing. You vomit, have diarrhea, or heart palpitations. In addition to physical ailments, you experience debilitating depression, panic attacks, and phobias.  Antidotes are: retreat and time needed for healing. 

Predisposing Factors

  • tiredness

  • unfamiliar surroundings

  • change or lack of routine

  • poor diet

  • no exercise

  • loneliness and isolation

  • boredom

  • alcohol or drugs

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