The Sun in the Fourth House: The Sun in the 4th house calls you to redefine your physical, emotional and spiritual niche on the planet. You might start by redecorating your residence or moving. There is usually something about your home or office that needs to be reorganized, repaired, or changed if you are to do what you need to do. Changes in the physical home mirror your inner emotional changes. For example, remodeling the bathroom correlates with cleansing and elimination. The kitchen has to do with the ability to nurture. This is a good time to surround yourself with supportive people by being emotionally assertive and nurturing. As you discover your likes, dislikes, desires, and needs, your spiritual purpose will emerge. You will plant your roots this year and begin a new journey which will come to fruition in two years time when the Sun moves into the Solar Return 10th. The CHALLENGE for the coming year when the Sun moves to the 1st is to translate spiritual purpose, emotional support and the physical environment into the right combination for personal development and success. The ASSETS carried over from the previous year when the Sun was in the 7th house are strong partnerships and a sense of cooperation.