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Queen Elizabeth II Natal Chart


I saw a comment on social media that Queen Elizabeth had not died because her chart did not reflect her death. First of all, death is not easy to predict. I have seen people survive very difficult aspects, others died with multiple Jupiter transits, and still others passed without major aspects at all. Death comes in many ways and for many reasons. It is reflected in the charts in various ways. I think of the quote Elizabeth made when beginning  her reign, "I declare before you all that my whole life, whether it be long or short, shall be devoted to your service and the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong." This was her intention to the end,  and it is important to her passing. Saturn was in the solar return 10th house where it can indicate retirement. Retirement was not an option. The Queen hated abdication. During the summer, transiting Saturn squared her natal Saturn/Midheaven conjunction, conjoined natal Jupiter, opposed natal Neptune, and conjoined natal 1st house Mars. Her ability to serve was waning and this meant an end to her reign.  She performed her last official duty on September 6th and died September 8th.


Vladimir Putin Natal Chart



This information is from Astrotheme, but the source of the birth information noted by Lois Rodden is listed as conflicting and unverified. Still, you can follow the transits as they occur. Note the aspects for the attempted assassinations in April and August will be returning.


Transiting Saturn opposition Pluto 4/8 - April attempted assassination

Transiting Uranus square node 7/28

Transiting Saturn opposition Pluto retrograde 8/3

Transiting Saturn opposition MC 8/23 - On 8/21 daughter of Putin ally killed

Transiting Saturn square node 9/20 - issues draft of Russian men

Transiting Saturn conjunct node and stationary 10/28 to 11/17

Pluto solar arc conjunct Ascendant 11/19

Transiting Saturn opposition MC 12/18

Transiting Saturn opposition Pluto 1/3/2023

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