Uranus in the Solar Return 12th House


Uranus in the 12th house is the sign of the closet personality. During the year, your thoughts may be wild, but your outward demeanor remains conservative. Others will be unaware of what is really going on inside you, and usually, something is going on. You have the ability to hide things. Private matters, internal thoughts, or choices will not become public knowledge. A dichotomy exists between what you truly do or think, and what others are actually aware of. Distinctions may exist solely on the mental level or may also manifest into the physical realm. This is a time when you will tend to take liberties without anyone being aware of what is going on.

Generally, the fear of disapproval is common with this placement, and for one reason or another, you feel you must be on your guard. In all likelihood, you are involved in a new situation which is very different from what is normally expected of you. If you are not free to express yourself naturally and openly, you will do so secretively. Everything will tend to stay quiet unless Uranus transits across the solar return Ascendant during the year. If this occurs, you or someone else may wish the truth to be known. Difficult situations you might want to keep quiet usually involve sex-related activities such as initial sexual experiences, homosexual or bisexual preferences, affairs, birth control practices, or abortions. With this placement, matters of this nature are more likely to be handled secretively than openly.

Positive manifestations include the discovery of an unusual talent which you are just becoming aware of and are not ready to demonstrate. For example, if you find that you have psychic or artistic ability, you might be afraid to make your talent known before it is further developed. You choose to remain quiet about what you know or can do until a later date when you are ready to subject yourself to outside criticism.

Secrecy may lead to anxiety and nervousness over discovery. Furthermore, already existing negative feelings or fears will be made worse by the pressure of concealment. Thoughts and actions are such a break from your normal pattern that they appear to be irrational. Dilemmas cause you to flip-flop on important issues without understanding why. If you experience extreme psychological discomfort, see a counselor. Trying to survive in a vacuum can be frightening. Talking openly with a safe and understanding therapist will help you to assess objectively your situation and the choices available.

On a positive level, you develop a deep faith in your own individuality, learning to trust your unique inner qualities which free you from the limitations of conformity.