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Astrology chart for the next Star of David

The Astrology of the 2023 Star of David

The next Star of David occurs in 2023. It is again an earth and water star. The earth Grand Trine consisted of Uranus, Venus, and Pluto. Notice Jupiter is close to Uranus. The water grand trine consists of the Moon, Mercury, and Neptune. Notice e that the Sun and Mars are close to Mercury.


Saturn does not have a place in the Star. Planets that are outsiders tend to be rebel planets. Mars was the rebel in 2020. We have seen what the rebel planet Mars indicated in the 2020 Star of David, so a rebel Saturn is a little disconcerting, however, Saturn does not make any difficult aspects in the chart. Jupiter does oppose the Sun closely and this can indicate excess in spending and waste. With Venus in Virgo, we may have to be more practical and conservative with government programs and national debt. Also, since Venus is in Virgo and the Moon is in Cancer, I would expect national healthcare to continue.

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